At Da Vinci Academy, we will provide the highest quality education in order to ensure every pupil achieves their potential. 

Our principles are:

Lead: (Everyone a Leader)

We are all responsible for making Da Vinci the best community it can be.

We all have talents and ideas that can lead ourselves and others to success.           

We all share responsibility for our successes and failures.

Empower:  (Everyone Valued)

We all have the right to be treated with respect and a responsibility to treat others with respect.

We have the right to be listened to and a responsibility to listen.

We should all be welcomed, we should be welcoming.

Achieve:  (Everyone Achieving)

We will provide the opportunities for everyone to achieve. 

We will make the best of the opportunities we are given.

We will support and celebrate the achievement of others.

Drive:  (Everyone a learner)

We are always ready to learn from others and from each other.

We are open to new ideas, new experiences and new ways of learning.


Learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom, we are always learning.