Breakfast Club

Da Vinci’s breakfast club runs every academy morning between 8 – 8.25am and has been a success with students and staff. The breakfast club gives an opportunity for students to come to a safe supervised place before the start of the academy day, where they can buy various breakfast items including bacon rolls, hot chocolate, toast and tea. Students can also take part in a range of informal activities, which encourage and support social and skills development.

We also have opportunities for students to become volunteers for the breakfast club, which is a big positive as they are able to gain various skills and experience from volunteering. The club not only offers a starting point for teaching about health, science and life skills, but it also offers opportunities for help with homework and other curriculum-related activities.

 Student quotes:

“Breakfast club is a great idea because there is somewhere to go in the morning to have a nice hot chocolate and make new friends” Jack – Year 9

 “I know I can come here and there is someone I can talk to when I am feeling down and it is a nice place to come in the morning” Tiegan and Katie – Year 11

 “It’s a great place where you can have fun and relax while having some nice breakfast before Academy starts” Ella – Year 9


Biometrics and Cashless Academy Meals System

Biometrics authentication is the automatic recognition of a living being using suitable body characteristics. By measuring an individual's physical features in an authentication inquiry and comparing this data with stored biometric reference data, the identity of a specific user is determined. There are many different biometric features that can be used for authentication purposes.   These include fingerprint, signature, Iris, Retina, DNA or any other unique characteristic. Once a characteristic has been chosen the next stage in the biometric process is authentication. A biometric feature is saved onto a database. Once the data has been stored, a new scanning of the biometric feature is taken.  If the comparison is positive, access to the appropriate application is granted.

Why do you need to take my child’s fingerprint?

By taking an Image of your child’s fingerprint we can turn this information into a digital signature.

Can fingerprints be used by any other agency?

No, the software we use turns your child's fingerprint into a mathematical algorithm; the image of the finger print is then discarded. The information that is stored cannot be used to recreate an image of the child’s fingerprint.

What happens when my child leaves the Academy?

When a student leaves Academy all data can be deleted.

How does it work?

When the child places his/her finger on the scanner, the software matches their fingerprint with the unique digital signature held in the database


Biometrics and Security

Students, parents and staff can rest assured that the fingerprint images cannot be used by any other source for identification purposes. The system uses an image of the fingerprint to create a mathematical algorithm and then discards the fingerprint, only the numbers remain and these cannot be reinterpreted back into a fingerprint image.

How is the fingerprint image used to obtain an Academy meal?

The student puts their finger on the reader. A display will show the server the student’s name, class and current cash balance held within the system. The selected food items will be entered into the system from an itemised keyboard while the amount spent and the new cash balance will show on the display.

How is money entered into the system?

Please write the full name of student on the reverse of the cheque.

 a)           By Notes or coin inserted into an automatic cash revaluation terminal located in the Academy which is set to accept £2 - £1 - 50p - 20p - 10p coins. ( 1p – 2p – 5p coins cannot be used)

 b)           By 'Cheque' payment to 'Caterlink' via the Catering office.

 c)           Or a fixed monetary amount of your own choice.

How does the revaluation station work?

The student puts their finger on the fingerprint reader mounted on the Revaluation Station which will display the students name and current cash balance held in the system.

Then notes or coins are inserted into the slot. Each incremental cash balance will show on the display. Press the red button is to tell the system that the transaction is completed.

How will the student be able to check what the current cash balance is held in the system at any one time?

 (a) At the revaluation station. Place your finger on the reader to display the current cash balance, just press the red button to finish.

 (b) A Remote Display will show the new cash balance when the food service is finished.

If we pay for a set number of school meals, can it be spent in one day?

No, a daily spend limit of £ 6.00 is set for all students so no food above that limit can be purchased. An individual student limit can also be set, to include a school dinner and break time snacks.

What about the student entitled to a ‘free school meal’?

The system works the same for all students whether they pay or have a free school meal. The amount allocated for the free school meal will be entered into the system by the software daily and will only be accessible at dinner break.

The system will then allow, on a daily basis, the required cash amount for each individual student to be allotted to their current cash balance. However, any under spend or missed dinner will be identified by the system and will not be added to the next day’s balance.

The student can also add extra cash on to his or her balance in the system at the revaluation station, to enable a greater daily spend on the school dinner than allocated by their free meal allowance. As the free school meal allowance can only be spent on a school dinner, extra cash added into the system can also be used for break time snacks.

There is no queuing to be issued a ‘free meal’ ticket or having the student’s name entered into the ‘free meal’ register at the till point.

Food Allergies

Should the student have a specific food allergy, or be a diagnosed diabetic, this medical information can be flagged up on the system.

Will we be able to have any information on how the system is being used?

Reports can be obtained from the system giving information on all aspects of use for each individual student as well as each day’s service. These reports can be for a specific day or between any dates you wish, they will be dated and timed to the minute, and can be obtained from the Catering Department.

 a) To show every item of food served and the total cost of each serving.

 b) Individual payments made direct to the school by cheque or cash and manually entered into the system.

 c) Each payment made by cash at the revaluation station by the student and if required, even the number of individual coins and the denomination.

 d) A total overview to show the date, time and location with cost of each purchase value of all manual cheque or cash payments, value of all cash deposited in the revaluation station and current cash balance

Data Handling


Certain data will be held on the system to enable accurate operation. This will include your child’s name, class, photo, account balance and meal entitlement. This data will be handled under the guidelines of the data protection act and only used by parties directly involved with the implementation of the system. If you have any concerns, please contact the Academy.